The Escalators play Bega 17 April 2016

Venue Mumbulla School Sunday 17 April 2016

Time: 5:00am. Admission: $15. Age restrictions: All Ages. COME TOGETHER! A community gathering. 3 sets of live music showcasing our 2 releases, and some great tunes for dancing to wrap it all up. A fundraiser for a community member experiencing hardship due to a debilitating undiagnosed illness. Family friendly event (no alcohol). Delicious vegetarian meals and cakes available. Tickets $15 ($10 concession) accompanied under 18s free BUY TICKETS More information Web site:

With more grooves than a record store,  The Escalators tip their fedoras to the sophistication of Swing, the funk of New Orleans, & the rhythmic pulse of Jamaica. The Escalators’ sound is a musical crossroads where four musicians come together in a glorious fusion of creativity & inspiration. The Escalators collect fans from all points of the compass: blues lovers, jazz cats, reggae devotees, funk/soul-brothers & sisters.

The gorgeous tone of Jenny Blunden’s voice steals your heart while Lachlan Mackenzie’s guitar lines weave with pick-pocket grace through a rhythmic framework rich in interplay between Brad Parson’s upright bass & the drum kit captained by Hayden Moore.

The Escalators’ live show creates an intimate audience connection with a keen sense of humour. Add moments of jaw-dropping musicianship, & finish off with unbridled ‘push-the-tables-back’ dancing.

The Escalators are on the road in 2016 with a new CD “From The Hip”.

‘From The Hip’ (2016) boasts 5 original compositions that show this outfit draws on a deep well of creativity, fed by their swing, soul & reggae roots. They also honour the originators on two jazz standards.

The lead single ‘Open Fire’ is currently receiving airplay across the country & reached #1 on the Triple J Unearthed ‘Roots’ Chart.