New Program: All About Eel with Tim

Tim is a new presenter on 93.7 Edge FM and his show airs on Thursday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 600 pm.


Tim with an eel

Tim with an eel

AAE provides listeners with important information about the freshwater eel, the real eelwhich belong to the genus Anguilla. This much maligned fish has the most remarkable

lifecycle that no one really understands. Eels play a major role in the development of the human race, mans interactions with eels have been recorded since the beginning of time

which provides a vast wealth of material and information to discuss.

There are many “eel like” creatures that are not true freshwater eel or Anguilloids, these include – electric eels, moray eels, sand eels, conga eels and Parramatta eels, these will

not get a mention on AAE.

The program will be a series of information, music, interviews and news all bound by an overriding theme – eels. Each episode will engage the theme to provide a wide range of

fun informative and local content and is envisaged to be 2 hours in duration.