CRN’s HomeBrew program re-lanches as Aussie Music Weekly

CRN’s HomeBrew program re-lanches as Aussie Music Weekly

Focussing on new local and independent Australian music, CRN’s HomeBrew progam has been re-launched as Aussie Music Weekly.

We spoke to the show’s presenter Jason ‘Noddy’ Velleley to ask what’s in store with this new incarnation of the program, and about the decision to change the show’s name and alter the format. for more of the interview plese follow the link: more from Aussie Music Weekly

Will & Tom’s Love/Hate Relationship

Will & Tom are new presenters on 93.7 Edge FM and air their show on Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

They play 25-30 minutes of music they like, followed by 25-30 minutes of music they don’t like. This will not be used as an excuse to unnecessarily belittle people’s taste in music. Rather, they wish to use it as a mildly opinionated opportunity to be able to play a wide selection of music that they are passionate about.

Of course, all care will be taken to mitigate any possible sense of erraticism that may arise as a symptom of eclectic musical choices. The hour will end with a (preferably local) Australian song, as an opportunity for community engagement and representation.

Phone in and give them your thoughts!!!

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