“All About Eel” listen in Thursday 4:00 pm

All About Eel this week features a segment on ‘How to Catch Eels” tune in and be fascinated with Tim’s knowledge and information about eels; not to mention the great music he plays,………. and the quiz,……… and the poems and catch the video on You Tube follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmXHX-DQZW8 Read more

Easter Monday features Gravel E Rockman

At a major cost to the station Gravel E Rockman and his show “The Magical Mystery Tour” will be on Easter Monday!!

Gravel has agreed to a special remuneration package to present his show on Easter Monday. Tune in and listen to the rough voiced and eccentric one and only Gravel E Rockman.

The cost to the station for the Vipers for security and Granny’s Munchies for the catering will probably send the station broke however we feel it is worth it so everyone can get STONED on MUSIC on Easter Monday from 11:00 am to2:00 pm

The big “O” is back on Tuesday 7 April 2015

Andrew O

Andrew Ogilvie will be returning on Tuesday 7 April 2015 after a two week absence.  Tune is to hear his program “The way we were” which airs at 11:00 am and runs through to 2:30 pm.

Andrew takes a look back on some of the music from years gone by, checks out birthdays and anniversaries, plus a sprinkling of music from the hit musicals, as well as the featured artist of the day and some classic comedy.

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