Adam’s Contemporary Country Music

Adam’s Contemporary Country Music is a new country music show added to the Monday line up on 93.7 Edge FM. Adam brings you an up to date list of Contemporary Country Music from his extensive collection.

Tune in from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Mondays

Easter Monday features Gravel E Rockman

At a major cost to the station Gravel E Rockman and his show “The Magical Mystery Tour” will be on Easter Monday!!

Gravel has agreed to a special remuneration package to present his show on Easter Monday. Tune in and listen to the rough voiced and eccentric one and only Gravel E Rockman.

The cost to the station for the Vipers for security and Granny’s Munchies for the catering will probably send the station broke however we feel it is worth it so everyone can get STONED on MUSIC on Easter Monday from 11:00 am to2:00 pm

The big “O” is back on Tuesday 7 April 2015

Andrew O

Andrew Ogilvie will be returning on Tuesday 7 April 2015 after a two week absence.  Tune is to hear his program “The way we were” which airs at 11:00 am and runs through to 2:30 pm.

Andrew takes a look back on some of the music from years gone by, checks out birthdays and anniversaries, plus a sprinkling of music from the hit musicals, as well as the featured artist of the day and some classic comedy.

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New Program: All About Eel with Tim

Tim is a new presenter on 93.7 Edge FM and his show airs on Thursday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 600 pm.


Tim with an eel

Tim with an eel

AAE provides listeners with important information about the freshwater eel, the real eelwhich belong to the genus Anguilla. This much maligned fish has the most remarkable

lifecycle that no one really understands. Eels play a major role in the development of the human race, mans interactions with eels have been recorded since the beginning of time

which provides a vast wealth of material and information to discuss.

There are many “eel like” creatures that are not true freshwater eel or Anguilloids, these include – electric eels, moray eels, sand eels, conga eels and Parramatta eels, these will

not get a mention on AAE.

The program will be a series of information, music, interviews and news all bound by an overriding theme – eels. Each episode will engage the theme to provide a wide range of

fun informative and local content and is envisaged to be 2 hours in duration.

WIRES South Coast needs new members


Wires Far South Cast is running a training course on 28th February & 1st March 2015 at the Mumbulla School Library 35 Bega Street Bega.  WIRES members contribute to the care of our injured, sick and orphaned native wildlife by being carers, rescuers, helping with fund raising.  Please see the flyer for more details or call Debi on 0406 663 096

RICC 28 Feb

AGM Committee elected (Secretary still not Filled)

At the AGM held on Wednesday 12th November the committee of management was elected however the position of Secretary still remains vacant. If you are a member and interested in filling the position od Secretary please contact the station by email on:- and advise your availability


The positions filled at the AGM were;

  • President: Don Norris
  • Vice president: Tim Whitaker
  • Treasurer: Georgina D’Souza
  • Secretary: VACANT
  • Committee members:  Richard Sharman, Hans Wiedeman, Peter (Boo) Ison
93.7 EdgeFM Sign

93.7 Edge FM AGM

Calling all members, sponsors and patrons to attend our Annual General Meeting!

When?  Wednesday 12th November @ 5.00 pm

Where?  At the station

Ricky, and Garry

93.7 Edge FM’s 20th birthday celebrations!

Today Edge FM celebrated it’s 20th birthday, that is, 20 years of continuous broadcasting.  We celebrated the day with a free barbeque, lots of giveaways and the chance for people to come and have a look around the station.  We even had a visit from 2MNO FM, Monaro Community FM Radio, so it was great to share ideas with our fellow community radio presenters.

Bruce from Coast Hire, one of the wonderful sponsors of 93.7 Edge FM, helped out on the day, not only providing tables and other useful items from Coast Hire, but by cooking the snags as well! Bruce posed for a photo wearing one of our 93.7 Edge FM 20th birthday t-shirts.

The raffle tickets sold very well, and people enjoyed the free giveaways at Edge FM 20th birthday party.  There were T-Shirts, stubby holders, pens and bumper stickers.  Some of our local musicians came up and played music for us live in the studio, including Ricky Bloomfield and Garry Carson Jones (both pictured outside the Edge FM studios), as well as Andy Zarins.

A great day was had by all.  Thanks to the hard working volunteers, the sponsors, patrons and member who all made the day a great success!  Keep an eye on the website for more info about the day.

Bruce from Coast hire 5



Bruce from Coast Hire



from Cooma




Our welcome visitors from 2MNO FM






Below: Richard cooks for the crowds!!
Richard on duty